How to download Zoom On PC – (Latest) Guide – 2021

So to proceed with such a thought, let’s take a look at how to download zoom on laptop or PC, and we’ll also discuss its multiple features such as recording, hand raising, whiteboarding etc., to help you ease through the process. We have tried to make this trajectory as easy as possible so that even a Luddite gets accustomed to it.


Taking the events of 2020, Zoom has become a robust platform that offers frictionless services to help you easily transmit information to your colleagues and co-workers. Its well-equipped design and easy-to-understand features have made it one of the most popular video conference apps of all time.

Be it for small scale businesses or large corporations, the company often gets quoted for its seamless service and incredible connection. Established by keeping user-friendliness in mind, it comes across as a reliable software capable of giving you a non-lagging experience so that you can interact with your loved ones for Easter or Thanksgiving.

How to download Zoom

Zoom’s Core features

We have laid down some of Zoom’s main features

  • Simultaneous Meetings: You can host an unlimited one-on-one meeting without needing to pay the price for it. So if you are broke then, this feature is the best to go about it.
  • Group Conference Meetings: It possesses the ability to hold around 500 participants in one Meeting if you are using a paid version. It’s very well known as the “large plan” meeting version. The accessible unpaid version, on the other hand, can only conduct group meetings with around a hundred members with a maximum time limit of forty minutes.
  • Screen Sharing Options: The app has a fantastic feature of letting you share your screen with others like one does with a presentation. This compelling feature can help the participants interact smoothly without any second thoughts and can provide a real-time experience as they sit in their homes.
  • Recording: Another great option is its ability to record meetings that the host can only authorize. But if you want to record meetings without permission, we have already written an article about it. Do check it out. The recording comes off as extremely easy and can help keep track of various essential points in the conference. You can easily access those files in the local storage, but the files will also get stored in the cloud if you are a subscribed member.
  • Whiteboarding – Visual imagery is fun and exciting, and Zoom whiteboard skilful portrayal of plans and estimates makes whiteboarding an effective alternative for a presentation board. It has various tools, angles and imagery to help you create a more immersive experience than ever before.

How to Go About Zoom App Download For PC

Note: To maintain a good after experience for the user with their first app’s Meeting, we strongly suggest they download and install the Zoom app beforehand.

Tips to Download Zoom App for Computer

  • Head over to the website , and subsequently navigate to the column of Download Center, and after that tap on the Download button depicted under the headline as “Zoom Client For Meetings”.
  • This whole application process will itself start working as soon as you join the Meeting. Then there’s no need to fret.
  • Once the download procedure gets completed, then progress to the next stage, installing the Zoom application on your desktop to lay everything at rest.

Estimating Zoom’s Performance

The Importance of Choosing a Suitable Plan

An outstanding ability to allow around 1000 participants and forty-nine videos on a single screen without any hassle strikes the users most about zoom. Its free plan also comes across as relatively fun with various necessary features that barely needs an introduction. On a more clear side, the zoom app free versions seem cheap as the lowest-paid version starts from 15 dollars per month, followed by more thrifty zoom nonprofit pricing plans .

Competing With Giants

Contemplating the current pandemic situation, work from home now seems like a necessary game that has to get completed. So to ease one’s physical transition to a visual one, many big video conference rivals like Google, WebEx, Skype etc., have taken over the stage.

Zoom vs. Gotomeeting
Zoom vs. Google Hangouts
Google Meet vs. Zoom
Webex vs. Zoom
Zoom vs. Skype
Discord vs. Zoom
Zoom vs. Facetime
Zoom vs. Teams
Bluejeans vs. Zoom
Ringcentral vs. Zoom

But Zooms top them all, we’ll briefly discuss each of them and a more detailed guide attached to the links. So don’t forget to check them out!

There’s no denying that numerous apps offer a solid rivalry to Zoom, but despite all the ups and downs, the last conclusive statement rests upon the user that befits his/her needs. The simple popularity of such apps can be deceiving, so weighing the options seems like a more reasonable solution to all this mess. So please do make sure to check out all the links and note the differences to create a more wise judgment.

Zoom Requirements

If you are an Android user, it’s easy to download the app as you have to head to the play store and download the app straightaway. The same goes for Apple users, but running zoom meetings comes off as a challenge for PC users. The process involves downloading them from a verified website and knowing the system requirements carefully.

Any wrong pull and you go down the rabbit hole. One has to keep in mind the viruses that can accompany you if you download a wrong crack file, so scanning a website is a must as it will protect your pc from any threats out there. 

Scheduling Meetings

Finding a decent chat box room where you can learn on how to schedule a zoom meeting, meetings are hard to locate, but Zoom makes the impossible possible by offering us such a helpful feature to complete the process all around. Scheduling can be tricky, but zoom’s easy layout makes it seem more straightforward than how it already looks.

We have added all the info regarding how to sign up, log in and conduct scheduled meetings in the easiest way possible. So good luck with your conference!

Using the Casting Option

The casting comes off as an essential process when the meetings get shared among many participants with a huge layout. And zoom on firestick is the best one offering this service among various other streaming platforms. Using the post to cast your screen can make the participants more alert and straightforward regarding their environment, thus encouraging professionalism during the ongoing conference. To know more about this, go over to this given webpage link, and we’ve explained the process of how one should set up the whole procedure in a very efficient way.


That’s the whole overview of the Zoom app that we’ve given; we tried out best to explain how to download zoom in the simplest way possible. Any hesitations or queries encountered during the process should get cross-checked as it all comes from an authorized source. Nevertheless, if you still keep chancing upon the unfortunate turnout of events, then please make sure to check out their official website for a more conclusive statement. That’s all there’s to remember.