Can You Record a Zoom Meeting? (Guide) 2021

So with this surge in international popularity of various network resources, zoom comes across as a tool capable of relying on. To make it run smoothly, one has to know all its facets, especially its various recording features. If you grapple with the issue of can you record a zoom meeting, then you are in the right place at the right moment, as this article will clear all your doubts regarding this subject.

A Step by Step Method on How to Record a Zoom Meeting?

The primary method for you to record a meeting is installing and running a screen recorder on your pc. Afterwards, you have to join the discussion as soon as you get done with the installation process.

  • C on the option of “Record Screen” and “Microphone” on your computer, to quickly modify the audio volume and structure according to your taste. After all this, you can initiate the recording procedure.
  • You can see the recoded clips in the column of “Video List.”
Can You Record a Zoom Meeting
can you record a zoom meeting

The Unanswerable Way of Recoding a Meeting if You Are Not the Host

We have stated around two solutions to go about it; we’ll explore them below. So keep on reading.

First of all, check Zoom’s cloud recording and to see if you are authorized or not. Checking comes first as many times the settings are at default, making it hard to record it. So the first step recommended is enabling the recoding option and then running the program. This is suitable with both iPhone and Android devices and comes off as effortless easy.

Another way of going about his is by downloading another recording software besides zoom to comply with its resources. You can easily find any good recording software online.

It doesn’t come off as relatively straightforward as it’s an amalgamation of the host’s restriction and illegal recording. But we can help you with this process by suggesting a safer solution. So we recommend using the EaseUS RecExperts software for a more thorough and easy guide. It will help you in limitless ways to record a meeting.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting?

EaseUS RecExperts is an app with its own specialized paid packages and has varying subscriptions options. Both EaseUS RecExperts and Zoom contain paid and accessible features to help you run a conference smoothly. The host settings between them are also easy to figure out, so they come off as compatible.

The software can do visual, webcam, gameplay and audio recording quickly without any warrant. But it is not such a simple tide when it comes to power platforms like Zoom or Webex. You can do all that without doing any pre-recording edit.

So to get started with this troupe, you should first get ready to join a meeting any time soon. After that, everything else will follow as written below.

  • The initial stage that calls our attention is downloading and launching the EaseUS RecExperts app. You can see four features displayed on the screen, and, you should go for the option of “Record Screen”.
  • Then, proceed with the “Custom” option and then select the screen portion by stretching the mouse to wherever you want. You have the liberty to choose between various options like “Locked Window”, “Full Screen”, “Fixed Region”, and “Selected Region”. All these features give off a unique solution regarding the taping method. Make sure that your computer got connected to the webcam or it won’t be possible.
  • For the next step, click over the “Microphone” option.
  • After that, tap over the “REC” option to initiate the taping. After the recording gets done, go to the column of “Video List”, and there you will find your saved files.
  • If you find your file, then preview the video there, and you’ll see numerous features of editing, cropping, sharing and much more. You are free to use these at your convenience.

A Brief Note

If you opened a new window and lost your previous recorded file, then don’t worry; you can quickly shift to another webpage and start the procedure again by clicking the “REC” option.

The previously mentioned recording software only gives essential features of editing and taping. Still, suppose you are into more explicit works like full-proof editing and assorting pictures into motion. For that, we recommend the EaseUS Video Editor, which is a professional video editing software with fast inbuilt features.

You can try experimenting with it by making slide slow out of pictures or making illustrative or moving images. You’ll find out about its outstanding features if you give it a try.

Zoom Meeting Recording on Mac Without Any Permissions

Recording a conference on Mac without any authorization comes off as scary and even nightmarish. So this guide will be helpful for you.

We recommend you the EaseUS RecExperts, which is available with easy design and top-notch safety. It takes its claps from its ability to tape meetings from multiple sources. You have the liberty to choose any of its features as per your need.

With its excellent internal audio recording features, you can use its system audio features without having any second thoughts as it perils in this area. But if you desire to videotape your voice, then you are free to do so through the help of an inbuilt microphone that’s attached to your headphones.

This feature enables participants to record any conferences. Finally, we are coming to the premise solution of taping the meeting through Zoom on your Mac device in the easiest way possible. So let’s begin!

  • The first step that comes close is joining a meeting that you wish to audio or videotape on your Mac pc. Then comes the option of “screen” given under the video category box. After you click that option, you have to navigate the option of “size” to select your preferred area of the audio or video.
  • Subsequently, you can adjust various audio settings as displayed on your Mac PC. You can change the sources, control their quality and volume as it suits your tastes.
  • Next is an optional step that pertains to the stage of timed recording and uses the clock feature to record a particular session during a specific time. For this, you have to navigate to the option of “Clock” and schedule your session as per your demands.
  • You can pause, stop, and resume the meeting as you
  • Once you get done with the meeting and recording, don’t forget to go to the library section to preview your recording, either saved in MP4 format or Gif format.

Record on Zoom Within a Desktop App

Zoom is a video and audio conference app that relies on its user’s unique interface and contains both free and paid versions. It’s an excellent platform to transmit information through its compatible services through the app or desktop format.

It allows the user to interact in various ways, makes it fun and frolic so that the conversations flow well. Its non-lagging nature makes it the best when conducting a meeting with over a hundred participants who wish to converse. In the desktop format, zoom supports two taping features: cloud and local recordings. Both these have a lot of functionalities, local recordings exist for all users, be it paid or free, but cloud recordings only exist for paid subscribers and are saved automatically.

Now let’s come back to the main idea; if you are the host of the meeting, you have complete control over all the permits and functions. The same happens if you have the authorization to record; if that case occurs, then a reactively easy method is to click the red option, and you are ready to save the file.

Screen Record on Zoom: A Simple Yet Thorough Guide

  • For The first step, you must join a meeting to be able to tape the conference. Then you have to click the big red option and select the location of the saved file on your desktop or cloud. All this will give away the easiest way to track the location of your saved file.
  • Then choose the red option on your computer location located at the upper left corner of the screen, and the audio and video capturing process will commence.
  • Keep the recorder option open as long as you like as the meeting goes on. But if you suddenly feel the urge to pause or stop, then know these details. Pausing the capturing option can enable you to control the meeting and resume it as long as the meeting goes on. But if you immediately stop or halt the meeting, then there’s no going back. Your session will immediately stop taping, and you can only gather those MP4 files in the library as soon as the meeting gets over.
  • To know the location of your files if saved in default fashion, then go zoom folder as stated below.

For PC – C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Zoom

For Mac- /Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom

If you still encounter a problem regarding tracking your location, then there’s another method of finding it out. To find your captured calls, navigate to the option of meeting given in the software, and then tap over the gear option available on the home screen, and then you’ll see a column there depicting all your saved files and meetings. After getting over this procedure, you can easily change those default settings by choice to suit your preference.

  • And the last step goes on about is sharing your saved files. You are free to share those with your colleagues or classmates without any hassle through the help of a third-party cloud storage option. You can use it through various means like learning/content management, video streaming, Google Docs, Google Drive, Vimeo or YouTube.

Everything becomes a lot simpler if you are a paid subscriber to these content sharing platforms, as the hassle of saving your files goes away. If you are a paid subscriber, then the files automatically get stored in the cloud, and you won’t have to lift an inch of your fingertips to make a difference. In retrospect, a free user’s file will only get saved locally to a subscribed user, which makes it hard to retrieve it.


We hope this article can furnish you with relevant information regarding whether can you record a zoom meeting and have cleared all your doubts regarding the same. If you still keep encountering inadequacies, don’t forget to ping Zoom’s official website and reach out to them for a relatively more straightforward and easy formula.

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