How to Record Zoom Meeting on iPhone (Guide) 2021

So, whether you are choosing Zoom for rejoicing virtual hangouts with pals or putting up with online classes or accompanying a conference/webinar remotely, it appears reasonable to know How To Record Zoom Meeting On iPhone? In this article, we have laid down all the key points regarding the same in the most convenient way possible. So let’s begin!

Guide Towards Recording Zoom Meeting on iPhone

As we can see, unlike the Zoom PC App, pc recording in iPhone and Android is a little more tricky process, plus it’s not easy to understand for everyone. But that doesn’t imply you can’t screen record, however.

Like all the great video conversation apps and platforms, Zoom also enables its users to visual Record, but what clients need to know is how the system of record zoom meeting on iPad precisely works.

How to Record Zoom Meeting on iPhone
How To Record Zoom Meeting On iPhone

Methods To Screen Record Zoom Meeting on Phone

  • Use The Inbuilt iOS Screen Recorder
  • Utilize Third-Party Screen Recorder Option For iPhone
  • Use A Screen Mirroring Application
  • Employ Zoom’s Cloud Recording Option

Method 1

Use The Inbuilt iOS Screen Recorder

To instantly start taking hold of Zoom calls on iPhone or various iPad devices, you should employ the default iOS visual option. So just be sure that your gadget got updated to at least the latest version – iOS 11!

Enable iPhone Screen Recording Feature

Navigate to the Settings application and then elect the choice of Control Center from the list. Find and choose the “Customize Controls” alternative. And then tap on the green option next to the Screen Recording button. Then tap the ‘Back’ option and click on the ‘Access Within Apps’ option.

Commence Recording Zoom Conference on iPhone

Install the company’s app and host the conference just like the normal way. As soon as all the people have entered, the following step is to click the Record icon, situated in the Control Center unit number.

An instant countdown will pop up on your page, and your Zoom conference will shortly get desktop recorded. Remember that whenever you sense like halting the screen capturing, you have to scroll down and select the option of ‘Stop Recording’.

Method 2- Use Third-Party Screen Recorder Option For iPhone

If you are operating on an iOS update below eleven or recording the sessions with audio on an Apple device, then you have to launch a faithful Screen Recorder App.

However werecommend using the TechSmith Capture app. The visual recorder with the inbuilt audio method is available without any additional cost; you can launch it from the Play Store.

  • Install the screen capture method for iPhone or iPad.
  • Commence the iOS Screen recorder application and generate a complimentary account. If inquired, permit the essential authorizations and enable the application to instruct when the visual capturing process is complete.
  • Ahead of employing the method, assure your default Screen Recording option got authorization from the Control Center.
  • Immediately, click on the Record button. To grasp the audio, and be infallible that you click the Microphone icon too.
  • Install the company’s App to record the conference. When finished, click the red option situated on the lid of the page. And halt and save your recording with heed. You can quickly situate the screen recorded Zoom conference in your mobile’s gallery.

Method 3- Using A Screen Mirroring App

Nicely, there’s another fantastic maneuver to record the conferences on the iPhone with audio, that is receiving the assistance of a screen mirroring app. We have curated a complete list of dedicated Screen Mirroring Tools explicitly formulated for both iPhone and Android. For presentation objectives, here, we’ll use the ApowerMirror application. The app fulfils the objective of seamless streaming and recording the iPhone or Android desktop on Apple or PC.

Recording Zoom Meeting on iPhone or iPad through ApowerMirror.

  • Launch the Screen Mirroring Application on both your Mac and iPhone device.
  • Connect your iPhone gadget with Mac and that both the tools should connected to the same Wi-Fi system.
  • Consequently, install the given mirroring software on your Mac device and, at the same time, unlock the Control Center on your apple tool. Now click on the Screen Mirroring button to browse for tools. As of now, you have to choose the title of your Mac device.
  • In this way, your iPhone tool will get connected to your Mac device. Subsequently, you can enter a Zoom session, which will also get casted to your Mac device.
  • Tap the Recorder icon on your apple desktop, situated in ApowerMirror’s dashboard.
  • Once the given conference ends, tap the Stop button on the apple pc to halt the visual recording. The video will save on your device.

Method 4 – Employ Zoom’s Cloud Recording Alternative

As the Company’s Mobile application doesn’t enable its users to visual Record internally within the application, you can depend on either of the procedures spoken of above or employ Zoom’s Cloud Recording alternative (to screen record with sound). Some specific requirements needed.

Requirements To Follow For Recording Zoom Meetings:

  • It would help if you were using a Business, Zoom Pro, or Enterprise Pack.
  • You must possess cloud recording with an add-on paid pack.
  • It would be best to run Zoom Client edition 3.5 or favourably above on your apple or other tools.
  • Source admin can be enabled/disabled in Account Management.

If you fill in all these aspects, you can quickly screen record app’s conferences with sound on iPhone and other appliances without any inconvenience.

How To Allow Zoom Cloud Recording On iPhone?

The Cloud taping alternative be turned off by default, so in turn, you have to permit it on your Apple device before you initiate taping the Zoom session.

  • Log in to your personal App Account as an Admin or Account Management.
  • And from Account Settings, go towards the ‘Recording’ column and turn on the ‘Cloud Recording feature’. Also, take a look at all the application’s Video Settings for your nicety.
  • Whenever its ready, Open the company’s application on your iPhone and enter the Zoom session. As you are there, all you have to do is click on the three dots icon situated at the lower-right intersection of the page.
  • Navigate from the main menu and select the alternative of ‘Record to the Cloud’.

The Zoom conferences get visually recorded with sound, and a ‘Recording’ option comes up on the page. Hover over the exact icon to halt or pause the desktop recording on the application.

If you are in charge of leading the conference, you can visual Record the way stated above. But in case you prefer to let other customers have the power to record the screen, you need to allow specific authorizations. You can take a look on how to proceed with that in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions column.

How To Look At Screen Recorded Zoom Conferences?

To look, install and share your desktop recorded app’s conferences, all you need to do is:

  • Navigate to Zoom’s authentic website and sign in with your information.
  • Then go towards the My Recording column. If the company’s conference is under a trans figurative process, you’ll see a webpage stating ‘Process Recording.’
  • You can look at them, share, install or eliminate all your app’s Cloud Recordings from that page.


Why Am I Unable To Screen Record A Zoom Meeting?

If your host has allowed you to tape the Zoom conference, you’ll notice an option to Record from the application’s toolbar. So, maybe you can implore the main or co-host to approve of authorizations or use any of the third-party options stated above.

How Can I Give Authorizations To Members To Record Zoom Sessions?

To let other joiners have the capacity to visually record other conferences with sound on Apple or other tools, here’s what you have to do:

  • Install the official organization Website and log in with your given information.
  • Then go towards ‘My Account’.
  • Tap on Recordings and go to the Cloud Recordings column.
  • Subsequently, tap on the option of settings situated at the top-right and tick the boxes that authorize permissions to members to record conferences internally and on the cloud visually.

Which File Formats Does Zoom Assist For Desktop Recording?

All the sessions get taped in MP4 file layout, audio files in M4A layout and text discussions get desktop recorded in the TXT layout.

Is Zoom Meeting Application Safe To Use?

Zoom has indeed caught a lot of scrutiny these days, but its growing favor has also drawn tons of internet trolls about Zoom Bombing during Video Session Calls.


We have tried our best to state down an easy guide towards how to record zoom meeting on iPhone and have furnished you with the simplest method available. If you still encounter issues with the recording procedure, then don’t forget to hover through Zoom’s official website for a more authentic solution. That’s all there is to remember.

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