Webex vs Zoom – Best for your Video Calls? (Comparison) 2021

These two platforms are the prime video conferencing tools you can leverage to expand your widespread business connections, but which of the two is the fairest platform for hosting online meetings? In this article, you will come across Webex vs. Zoom comparison to help you choose which of these two video conferencing apps is adequately fitting for you.

Webex vs Zoom - Best for your Video Calls?

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a technology-based design that receives and disseminates both high-quality audio and full-motion video portrait signals in real-time. It makes the transmission between people in numerous geographical locations simple, manageable, and efficient.


It is a prominent video conferencing tool that offers some of the best elements you can find on the market. It provides compatible and vital services such as video webinars, Zoom Rooms, online conferences, and group messaging. It’s an excellent tool for any business as it provides an incredible communication experience at a remarkably affordable cost — there’s even a free edition! This platform is uniquely constructed and optimized to deliver seamless services and maximum reliability, and it appears with a user-friendly interface.


CISCO Webex is another incredible way to hold meetings and perform conferences online. With this high-tech software, you can oversee events, webinars, and video conferences. Webex Meeting Center offers various services that make it simpler for businesses to communicate. It’s been in the industry since 1995, so you can rest ascertained that this online web conferencing tool will deliver dependable and cost-effective service.


Pricing is an essential aspect when it comes to selecting a dependable video conferencing platform for your enterprise. Corporations tend to go for cost-effective and ingenious tools that allow them to gauge whenever the need arises. If characteristics are relatively similar, the expense is a fantastic tiebreaker.

When described concerning Webex, Zoom historically delivered much more affordable pricing. But in reaction to Zoom, Webex recently improved their free plan. Webex is free to use and comes with a top career plan at $26.95 per month; Zoom only rates hosts no more than $19.99 per month per user for a job account and offers an available program for up to 100 participants.

Even at that low price, it offers distinct features and high-quality video and sound. What’s more interesting is that it offers a free trial period for fresh users through partners like DGI.

Video Quality

Independent trials show that Zoom has exceptional video quality in HD. Your colleagues and customers don’t want their software to be the incentive they see grainy, choppy videos. While Webex also has great-quality video, Zoom has the edge here again.


When it comes to video conferencing explanations, nothing takes center stage quite like the ability to accommodate users. While Webex max participants are up to 200 people, Zoom can invite up to 1000 users per one video conferencing session with an Enterprise plan.

Conference Features

Both platforms have identical qualities when it comes to conference components. For instance, Webex is alike with its capacity to support co-browsing, remove participants and authorize file transfers —tasks you can also execute in Zoom Video Conferencing. Also, it offers a distinctive feature called Break-Out Sessions when buying around for software that can take your video conferencing understanding to the next level, prefer a conference solution packed with traits that suit your business necessities.

Security Features

Security is crucial — especially for business conferences and video conferencing sessions. Both Webex and Zoom security offer outcomes that are highly safe and reliable.

Elements such as encryption and user authentication optimize the safety of both video conferencing platforms. What’s more, is that both offer safety control when it comes to desktop sharing.  Both encrypt conferences, transmissions, and storage. For Zoom’s Telehealth outcome, they can also include HIPPA compliant insurance for the patient-to-doctor communications.

Zoom has several security features, such as

  • Data encryption, although it should be a remark that as of such it is not end-to-end data encryption
  • An alternative to enabling two-factor authentication
  • Components such as “waiting rooms” that can be implemented by hosts at either account or call degrees
  • Supervisions given to hosts for file or screen sharing,
  • Hosts also have the choice to put attendees on hold
  • Visual warnings are also there to specify when an attendee is recording the call

Is Webex safer than zoom?

  • Webex includes the following security features:
  • For each video conference, there is a choice to enable end-to-end encryption
  • Physically ensured data centers
  • Alternatives for flexible password supervision that can be executed by each admin, to his/her liking
  • Authorizations for hosts and admins to rescind or grant access to any attendee

Therefore, one can discern that both Zoom and Webex offer reasonable security assurance for their users.

Meeting Follow-Up

For any industry, meeting follow-ups are essential. This enables participants to view the last meeting’s recordings and attend to them again whenever they need. Zoom has got barraged with a unique Participant Reporting aspect that checks all the participants who reported at the meeting. In Webex, this component isn’t available.

User-Friendly Design

When it comes to enterprise software, user-friendliness and ease-of-use are two crucial factors you should significantly consider. Sophisticated software wastes time. Based on consumer reviews, Zoom is more user-friendly as pertained to Webex. It allows users to quickly join an online video conference or meeting, with standard features across all devices. So, no matter what gadget you’re using, you’ll always be able to celebrate all its great features. Webex employs a more lengthy registration and scanning process compared to Zoom. As for Zoom, you’re admitted into your meetings faster.

Zoom or Webex, which is better?

Well, it’s tough to say.

Each of the two has its advantage in certain aspects. We believe that smaller companies that are relatively new and don’t have a lot of equity yet would profit a lot from Webex’s free version.

However, Cisco Webex does not permit as many integrations as Zoom does, so it is crucial to consider which instruments your company is already using.

If your primary motivation is whether you can handily use the software, Zoom would be the direction to go, but if your firm is looking for something more tech-savvy, you should prefer Webex.

Considering all the critical features and positive appraisals given by professionals and users alike, Zoom is the preferable video conferencing software. Webex is loaded with lots of quality features and has boosted its platform and free plan.

Some corporations that wielded to Webex may stay due to its safety and familiarity, but if you’re seeking a new or better solution, Zoom can be the favorable choice. Mainly if you’re aiming for a robust free plan, Cisco Webex’s recent disposal of the meeting may give it an edge for your circumstance.

With Zoom, you get all the advantages and features you need to host a steady video conference or web presentation for your company, plus mobile and desktop outlet support, at a relatively low price.

With a single touch, this outlet enables you to engage with people in various locales worldwide and hold a meeting, recouping your business energy, time, and money.

It relies on what you are looking for as a committee; therefore, evaluate and communicate with your squad and see what would suit your needs better.


We hope this article has provided you with all the necessary information about Webex vs. Zoom and has cleared any queries or doubts that emerge in your mind. Remember to assess your firm’s needs carefully and its functions to choose wisely between the platforms. In the end, the choice comes back to you only.

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