Zoom Nonprofit Pricing – Guidelines for Configuring & Getting Started (2021)

ZOOM Meetings App is an easy-to-use and easily available app on various platforms used for video conferencing, online gatherings, and versatile collaboration. Regardless of whether you are associating numerous conference rooms or meeting with participants from their own personal computers or smartphones, meeting up close and personal with people on ZOOM is very easy.

ZOOM is ideal for Nonprofit Organisations since it’s dependable and easy to use and helps people from all over the world to remain associated with each other in this pandemic and work their way through it. The Nonprofits like animal shelters, orphanages, food aid, etc., look after the not-so-blessed community of our society. This app helps them to be more effective and even launch new ideas and plans that might have been a bit difficult to execute with limited staff and their cut-throat finances.

Using a video-conferencing tool like the ZOOM is extremely helpful for these nonprofits as they reduce costs, but the thing is, they get next to nothing in the name of funds and are constantly battling for their own survival, and they fail to pay for the license and premium plans; and we can help by giving discounts for nonprofits till we all get out of this difficult time. ZOOM nonprofit pricing is discussed below:

ZOOM App for Non-Profit Organisations

Discount structure of ZOOM for Nonprofits

  • Nonprofit Organisations receive 20% of all the plans that are available, but they must be on at least a one-year term.
  • Zoom Phone, cloud recordings, and Audio plans are excluded from the free basic plan available to all. (All are available at a price but there is no discount available on it) 

Is ZOOM free for Nonprofits?

YES, ZOOM is free for Small Non-profits. It has set its basic plan absolutely free and decent discounts on its other plans for medium and large non-profits.

Small Non-profits

ZOOM is free for smaller non-profit organizations. It’s the most basic plan that it offers with premium-quality video and audio. A maximum of 40 minutes is allowed in a single video conference, and up to 100 can be invited to it. 

Apart from its basic plans, there are other Pro plans for medium and large non-profit organizations that come with sizeable discounts to help them in these COVID struck times. Discounts for different plans are discussed below; you can select them suitable to your daily demands: 

Medium Nonprofits

Apart from the free basic version available, the ZOOM meeting Pro plan comes without a 40 minutes barrier of the meeting; more features are described below: 

  • It costs Rs.13,200/year a license after imposing a 20% discount that saves you Rs. 2,400 on an annually. 
  • This plan can host up to 100 participants in a meeting.
  • Video conferences can last up to 30 hours.
  • Social media streaming.
  • 1GB cloud recording (per license)

Large Nonprofits

Additional to the Pro plan, this plan allows the host to add up to 500 participants. More features are described below:

  • Costs about Rs. 18,000/year a license, but 10 licenses are to be bought together. Rs. 39,000 are saved on this plan.
  • This plan can host up to 300 members. 
  • It allows the recording of transcripts and domains can be managed.
  • With optional add-on: India Audio-Premium Toll and Call Out.
  • All features included in Pro and more.

An infinite number of meetings can be hosted on a single license, but a different license will be required to hold different meetings from the same account. The same account can’t be run on different computers. The plan depends entirely on the host’s needs.

All the ZOOM nonprofit pricing for smaller or larger organizations are discussed above.

How can ZOOM be useful to Nonprofits?

Here are the 5 ways in which Zoom can help Non-profits organizations in surprisingly diverse ways. It surely helps in bringing down the costs and boosts the productivity of the team with the advanced tools integrated into the app.

Use ZOOM for Healthcare Non-profits

Now, doctors associated with these non-profits can easily reach out to the patients in remote areas during these difficult times when it’s advisable to not meet people physically. ZOOM for telehealth is specifically made for providing healthcare through online video conferences and is integrated with the electronic health record system. Counselling, therapy, advice, and appointment with doctors are now made via ZOOM meetings.

Use ZOOM for fundraisers

The pandemic has forestalled most face-to-face contributor gatherings. With every problem comes to the solution; with ZOOM meetings, these fundraising events are a possibility, and you can save a fortune on these like you won’t need to spend on travel expenses or even arrange a place to gather.

You can likewise utilize Zoom to record testimonials from all the individuals who have profited by your association’s endowments, and afterward, you can impart those tributes to all the donors.

Use ZOOM for training / Long distance study programs

Now Educating Non-profits can help the students from faraway places to apply to their cheap or free long-distance study programs and train them for the different jobs via video conferences. 

Use ZOOM to host Office meetings

With the emergence of ZOOM, holding the meeting with employees or board members or even conduct an interview is now made easy; it doesn’t matter where they are in the world. Just a stable connection and a device compatible with ZOOM meetings are all you need to keep up with your job and earn the bucks. 

Use ZOOM for volunteering 

Obviously, vis-à-vis communication is the preference, but nowadays, it’s not generally feasible. As a result of the pandemic or on the grounds that volunteers for your association are scattered. You can always cheer your volunteers with a video message for all their good work. Or you can set up a video conference with somebody on your staff or even a prominent individual who assumes a significant part in your association. This will keep volunteers eager and locked in.

How can you maximize privacy with ZOOM?

Here’s how you can increase your privacy and improve your experience with ZOOM.

  • In the event that you are using a ZOOM account for an open gathering and might want to make your partners’ participation easy, the default security setting of this application gives security to the conference. By looking at this arrangement, you can be quite sure that no classified data is shared. 
  • If you want to share some classified content during the presentation or the chat window, you must follow these security settings. For example, as a host, you can ask for a passcode from the participants to prevent any unwanted people from entering the meeting.
  • For more advanced settings, check out the ‘advance security’ option of the app to get more privacy in the meeting.

The greater part of the non-profit associations is probably starting the humanitarian tasks on the planet today. Actualizing these plans or getting the things done organized appropriately is certainly not a simple errand, particularly the measure of cash needed to subsidize these activities. If you observe closely, you will see that a little headway in innovation can make these associations more proficient.

For the most part, a not-for-profit association doesn’t spend much on the organization. All things being equal, they buckle down toward accomplishing their objectives and In the COVID times, we can return the favour by setting the ZOOM for nonprofits, free of cost till we all get out of this difficult time. In any case, cost control is something troublesome for these associations as they need to utilize countless staff in different locales of the world.

As of late, most associations are utilizing another application for setting up a consistent correspondence with their authorities, which guarantees the high working effectiveness of the associations. The application which they are generally utilizing these days is, in all honesty, ZOOM.

It is a superb video-conferencing application that gives amazing quality sound and video, but the only problem is the costly license. ZOOM did hear the call from the non-profits and offered discounts on these plans, and all the ZOOM nonprofit pricing is explained in detail in this article. 

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