Zoom vs Gotomeeting – Best for your Video Calls? (Comparison) 2021

There’s no need always to travel to achieve new business or always be on-site to finish projects with co-workers. Just log in to your video conferencing application, and move the business ahead virtually. To help you deduce which video conferencing app to prefer for your business, we’re distinguishing two of the most famous providers: Zoom vs. GoToMeeting. Let’s get into it and see how they stack up.

Video quality

One of the most significant factors to evaluate is video quality. You don’t want to appear pixelated in your subsequent presentation, so you will be pleased to hear both Zoom and GoToMeeting bolster HD resolution video resolution. Not every HD is the exact, though. Zoom has a slight advantage with its ultimate solution sitting at 1920 x 1080. Whereas GoToMeeting can do 1920 x 960.

Your hardware and data network need to be up to the undertaking. Luckily, ample current internet connections far outweigh developer recommendations. GoToMeeting suggests a 2Mbps link for high definition calls, whereas Zoom uses up to 3.8Mbps for streaming at the most significant settings.

As for audio quality, it mostly depends on your microphone.

Zoom vs Gotomeeting	- Best for your Video Calls

Participant limits

How big your group is will significantly influence your judgment in the Zoom vs. GoToMeeting situation. Zoom Meetings’ available plan allows you to commence video calls with up to 100 participants. Settling can get that number up to 1,000.

GoToMeeting’s available plan seems to assist only three participants in comparison to other platforms. The cheapest paid version can include up to 150 people, and the preset proposals top off at 250. That isn’t much, but you can give rise to that number up to a whopping 3,000 if you are inclined to pay for a Business account (for which you need to contact the sales department to register for you).

If what you crave is the most participants for the lowest price, then the former is the apparent option. Big companies who want to tend to large crowds will probably prefer GoToMeeting’s much high maximum participant limit.

Account Not Needed

Zoom and GoToMeeting can produce a unique link that can disseminate to others to join a meeting. If you’re the host, you can ask for anyone, regardless of whether they possess an account. Once users have joined the call, they can celebrate the entire set of features both services have to deliver. This might be beneficial if your co-workers don’t want to enlist for either but need to attend the meeting.

Call Recording

Both Zoom and GoToMeeting have alternatives for local recording. This kind of recording will automatically input the tapes on your local device. A local recording is accessible on all proposals and doesn’t have maximum limits, so recording longer meetings are accessible. On Zoom and GoToMeeting, you won’t be prepared to record meetings locally if you employ the Android or iOS smartphone application. For this and simple shareability with partners, you’ll require cloud call recording.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is essential because it delivers presenters with the potential to give software exhibits or show their growth on projects. Therefore, even available web conferencing apps provide screen sharing. The screen-sharing experience is extensive in both Zoom and GoToMeeting, and every one has its prerequisite elements that are accessible with other video conferencing solutions. These include:

  • Keyboard and Mouse sharing
  • The potential to pass the screen to appointed participants
  • Application-level sharing instead of just full-screen sharing
  • Web-browser screen sharing in Chrome
  • Drawing tools for whiteboards
  • Sharing for Mac or Windows desktop and mobile VoIP apps.

Both Zoom and GoToMeeting again offer components that aren’t as common. These comprise allowing all participants to regulate what’s happening on the shared screen or let the host make all the participants share their screens consecutively.

Other Zoom vs. GoToMeeting features

GoToMeeting and Zoom services offer a relatively similar feature set. Both comprise screen share, meeting recording, a whiteboard, cloud storing, file sharing, joining via phone calls, keyboard/mouse sharing, meeting URLs, and more.

Zoom has some incorporated fun elements such as virtual backgrounds. It even gives a Touch Up My Appearance component that smooths out your face and makes you appear more presentable. GoToMeeting Breakout Rooms can divide participants into factions for better collaboration.

There are also minor differences in each aspect, and we speculate it has a good handle on most. Their layout is more intuitive, screen sharing can get accomplished with multiple screens, and whiteboarding is more vigorous.

Design and Ease of Use

Zoom’s interface is neater, making it easier to pilot for all users. Both apps offer intuitive dashboards and control panels, but Zoom’s minimalist and simple user experience make it more universally convenient.

For instance, it’s control panel is incorporated into the main screen and emerges as a narrow black bar at either the lowest or top of the screen. You can effortlessly toggle between all the meeting choices—which are nicely spaced out and simple to see—by simply striding your mouse left to right. Also, you can arrange the control panel to seem only when you position your mouse over it.

Whereas GoToMeeting’s controls, on the other side, are static and often appear in a separate window following the main screen. GoToMeeting controls get piled up from top to bottom in the full-sized window perspective, and within that general layout, they’re further organized in a mixture of left-to-right and top-to-bottom exhibits. It’s a striking difference from Zoom’s straightforward, left-to-right design. But you can dwindle the GoToMeeting monitors so that they appear as a tiny group of controls at the lid of the screen.

For some GoToMeeting features, you’ll utilize dropdown menus or right-click and control to see all the alternatives. With Zoom, you can broadly point and click on the control, and a new window will unlock, visually presenting choices for you to connect. When there are more options in Zoom, there are diverse arrows that indicate as much.


Fortunately for you, both Zoom and GoToMeeting have remarkable compatibility. Both can get employed on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and even a web browser. And as spoken of in the previous section, it’s feasible to call in via phone. You have no alibis to miss that meeting!

The one drawback GoToMeeting has in this aspect is the lack of an official Linux app. GoToMeeting suggests that Linux users use the web application instead.


Both Zoom and GoToMeeting security boast having industry-leading safety and end-to-end encryption. Still, incidentally, Zoom has recently been in the limelight for privacy concerns, forcing them to stiffen new features for 90 days. Despite secrecy updates, improving encryption, expanding the ability to disable personal conference IDs, and fighting Zoom bombing, the corporation can’t catch a pause as over 500,000 embezzled accounts are being bought online.

It hasn’t been a decent time for Zoom, and the safety-conscious among you will possibly want you to stick with GoToMeeting, at least for some juncture.

Cost Comparison

Zoom’s available plan is outstanding, but you might get mired by the 100-participant and 40-minute constraints. Those who need more can choose for a paid monthly subscription.

Zoom plans:

Plan TypeFree Account Capacity
Pro Plan1 GB/Pro User
Business Plan1 GB/Pro User
Education0.5 GB/Pro User
Zoom Rooms1 GB/Pro User

GoToMeeting’s available plan is only valid if you can dwell with a three-participant limit, no cloud recording, 40-minute video calls, and very limited of the service’s fundamental features. All this makes Zoom the apparent option for those who want to forgo paying.

GoToMeeting’s compensated plans commence at slightly lower prices, though. They give less than Zoom, but if you don’t require what the pursuit offers, you could conserve a few bucks with GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting Plans

PlanStorageAdditional 1 GB
$40 per month100 GB$1.5/GB
$100 per month500 GB$0.5/GB
$500 per month3 TB$0.1/GB

These prices get established on a one-year commitment. If you need a month-to-month plan, you will have to reimburse the cost implied in the small, gray, struck price right below the plan’s term.

It’s significant to note that you will need the GoToMeeting Business plan to celebrate unlimited cloud recording, transcription, co-organizer support, capabilities, keyboard/mouse sharing, and further. Many of these aspects come with Zoom’s $14.99 Pro proposal.

Zoom vs. GoToMeeting Which is ideal for you?

If Zoom’s few additional fancy features don’t matter much a difference to you, probably pricing will. Starting with the available plans, Zoom proposes much more. A bunch of smaller firms can get by with the available Zoom option. The 100 participant maximum is much nicer than GoToMeeting’s three-person constraint. And both can initiate meetings for only 40 minutes. Therefore Zoom is much better than GoToMeeting.

One can see the same structure as you raise the pricing scheme. Zoom proposes more services per buck across the board, and we don’t see several reasons why someone would choose GoToMeeting over Zoom. The one major factor that could keep corporations with GoToMeeting is their maximum participant limit, which can get boosted to a vast 3,000 people if you did it with an Enterprise account. Zoom can only offer that number of up to 1,000 partakers.


As it goes with everything, informing you whether GoToMeeting vs. Zoom is fairest for you will depend on your particular needs. Both deliver a very identical feature set and professional backing for work-related tasks. In the end, everything depends upon your needs and custom views regarding both platforms.

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