Discord vs. Zoom – Best for your Video Calls? (Comparison) 2022

As the demand for video calling solutions continues to thrive, there are so many available platforms that ranking them all becomes nearly impossible. So we have carefully given a detailed layout of the two major video conferencing platforms – Discord vs. Zoom and their differences so that you can form your judgment smoothly.

Zoom Meetings & Chat

Founded in 2011, Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing, online conferencing, and group messaging software. Though it hasn’t been around as far as some significant video conferencing platforms, it is a ruler in space, with its users judging it at or near the prime of most lists, along with Skype. Accessible with both desktop and mobile versions, Zoom lets its users share video, audio, and screens through Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Zoom Rooms, Blackberry, and H.323/SIP room systems.

discord vs zoom
discord vs zoom


Zoom also has an interesting backstory. The corporation’s CEO, Eric Yuan, used to work as a coder, then a lead designer for Webex, and then a leading online meeting and video conferencing forum. Back in 2007, when Cisco obtained Webex, technical difficulties were rampant in the conferencing technology business – and Webex was no anomaly. Yuan was enthusiastic about improving the platform and, for an entire year, asked Cisco’s management to let him renew it. In the end, frustrated, Yuan left Cisco and launched Zoom.

Prime Platform

Yuan’s team labored for two years building the platform to guarantee that it will not have any technical quality issues that hindered Webex. Many explained that Yuan took a considerable risk to enter a crowded market dominated by tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Cisco. But Yuan just asserted that if Zoom’s quality were superior to that of the other solutions, it would succeed. It appears that he was right. It is now one of the top video conferencing tech solutions, and, in 2019, the corporation had a wildly successful IPO.


  • Zoom’s HD audio and video conferencing solution include a vast array of features:
  • Support for video conventions with up to one thousand video participants and forty-nine videos on a screen
  • Conference audio recording and searchable transcripts, stored either locally or in the cloud.
  • Various collaboration tools like, for example, one that allows numerous participants to share their screens at once and then co-annotate.
  • Features like virtual backgrounds and touch-up appearance tools.
  • Video conferencing in Safe Driving Mode and Carplay.
  • Mobile screen-sharing and co-annotating.
  • Effortless transitioning from group chat to one-on-one or group contacts.

Engagement Tools and Extended Features

  • Engaging participant tools like virtual hand-raising, polling, and attention tracking
  • Centralized IT supervision and remote aid.
  • Usage of data analytics and visualization.
  • Security precautions including password protection, role-based user security, and end-to-end encryption.
  • Active integration capabilities that enhance productivity: To streamline call scheduling, it can also integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar, Appointlet, iCal, Salesforce, Workplace, Firefox, IBM Watson Workspace, Chrome, Skype, and Safari For work sharing, integrations include Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Panopto.

Easy Sign In

  • To allow single sign-on, Zoom integrates with Google, Okta, Centrify, RSA, Facebook, and Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Transaction and process automation system integrations are comprising Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo, and Zapier. 
  • For conference room integrations, Zoom collaborates with Crestron and Intel Unite.

Signing up for an Account

If you prefer to host a meeting using Zoom, then you have to make an account. It’s an easy process; all you need to do is log into the app using your Google or Facebook details.

  • After adding the credentials, click on the blue button labeled “Schedule a Meeting.”
  • On the following screen, enter the details of your conference. These include conference name, topic, and time (containing time zone). You also get asked to indicate whether the video should get facilitated for the host, participants, or both; and if the conference should get recorded. When done, click on the blue button labeled “Save.”
  • The next screen will inquire about which email application you would like to employ to send your invitation. (Email is just one of many ways to invite others to participate in a video conference.)
  • It will automatically create an email invitation within your given application, leaving the “To” field blank for you to finish. All the meeting details will be in the message about everything the recipient will require to join the meeting.

You can send the invite instantly or schedule it to send it at a later time. Your invitee will only need to click the link in the email they have received and enter the meeting password to enter the meeting.


Zoom gets high marks for its simple layout. The interface is neat and clear, and initiating a video conference is instinctive.


Zoom proposes four pricing levels:

Basic Plan –  Free

  • Unlimited one to one meetings
  • Endless group meetings (three or more participants) duration: forty minutes per meeting
  • Desktop and application sharing
  • Local recording ability

Pro Plan – 14.99 dollars per host per month

  • Unlimited one to one meetings
  • Endless group conferences
  • Limitless group conference duration
  • Desktop and application screen-sharing
  • Local and cloud recording capacity
  • Custom personal meeting IDs
  • Managerial controls

Business Plan – 19.99 dollar per host per month

  • Ten or more host accounts
  • Endless one to one meetings
  • Unlimited group meetings
  • Limitless group meeting duration
  • Desktop and application screen-sharing
  • Local and cloud recording capability
  • Custom personal meeting IDs
  • Managerial controls
  • On-premise alternatives
  • Branding
  • Solitary sign-in method
  • Dashboard and user administration

Enterprise Plan – 19.99 dollars per host per month

  • Hundred or more host accounts
  • Infinite one to one meetings
  • Limitless group meetings
  • Unlimited group conference duration
  • Desktop and application screen-sharing
  • Local and cloud recording ability
  • Custom personal meeting IDs
  • Enhanced administrative underlines
  • Extended assistance and customization choices
  • Extra integration options
  • Elective professional services

Pros and Cons


Zoom provides no toll-free dial-in cell numbers for the US or the UK.

System Requirements

  • Strong internet connection
  • Speakers and microphone
  • A webcam, an HD webcam, or HD cam, or an HD camcorder with a video capture card.


Gaming Discord supports video, text communication, and voice recordings. It provides users with a unique interface to greet, gather, and talk with their colleagues, pals, family, and even outsiders with common interests.

The app comes in a PC-based, web-based, and mobile format. Initiated in 2015 by an independent video game developer Jason Citron, the platform was designed specifically for gamers to provide them a way to gather around mutual interests, chat while gaming, and create groups to play multiplayer mobile games together. But today, the app is starting to gain significant traction as a video conferencing or group messaging and chat solution for business.

Quirky Features

For a novice to come to the party and a quirky one at that, Discord is a surprisingly popular medium of communication. Its very quirkiness can be a part of the reason. One thing that makes Discord unique is its fun, peculiar interface. Even its black background and cartoonish graphics stand out from its competitors like Skype, Zoom, and others.


Discord is exceptional in the sense that it allows users to form chat rooms called “servers.” Servers can pertain to particular topics, attracting individuals who are keen on certain things. Servers can be public or personal and could relate to any subject.

When you invite anyone to a server, they receive a link to it. Servers can get subdivided into various channels for discussing sub-topics within the mainstream topic of the server. To enter a private server, you must get invited. Public servers are open to everyone. There are no restrictions on the number of servers you can join. All the servers you are a part of can be seen listed on the far left-hand bottom of the app screen, and you can instantly move from one server to another server.

Signing Up

  • To formulate a new server, tap over the “plus” sign.
  • Once you’ve entered a server, the users’ names and comments will appear in a list in the middle of the screen.

Search Engine

Search functionality enables its users to find others and add them to their lists. While importing contacts, users can choose to link their social media profiles, which allows them to pull in far connections from social media handles like Twitter. Your references or colleagues’ names are there on the left-hand bottom of the screen, just to the right side of your server list. 

  • To enable a video call, users should click on a friend’s name.
  • On cell phone  devices, click over the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and choose “Start a video call.” 
  • Computer users should tap over the video camera icon situated at the top corner of the screen.


Discord has a slight learning curve. It’s unique from Zoom, Skype, or other video conferencing solutions generally used in business environments. Its layout is different, and it has these servers and sub-servers. There are “bots” almost everywhere. Once you get past that situation, it’s perfectly intuitive to use it for hosting video conferences.


Though Discord is unrestricted, it does provide an upgrade called “Nitro,” which gives extra features like additional server capacity, more significant live stream quality, customization alternatives. Nitro costs 9.99 dollars per month or 99.99 dollars per year.


It’s enjoyable, and it’s free. Discord also enables its users to use many creativity and personality expressions, making it an excellent addition for certain firms like Zoom and Skype. 

It has also pegged the PCMag Editors’ Choice Award for video conferencing.


For most business settings, Discord’s gaming priority is going to be a significant con. Elements that enable its users to launch games from within the app, observe when others log into games, take up the place, and are, at most, distracting and, at worst, blinding. 

Unlike many other video conferencing apps, discord bandwidth doesn’t combine with many systems commonly used in various businesses, such as Microsoft Office 365. Conclusively, Discord is not suitable for hosting video meetings with clients or prospects. To allow video conferences with anyone, you must enable them into the Discord party. Unless they decide to employ Discord in their business, they may not comprehend or appreciate it.

System Requirements

  • Desktop
  • Windows 7 version or up
  • MacOS 10.10 version or up (Yosemite)
  • Mobile
  • iOS device version 10.0 and up
  • Android 5 and up
  • Browser
  • Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox 38+, Microsoft Edge 17+ (comprising Chromium Edge 79+ on Windows or macOS), Safari 11+ (accessible on macOS version 10.13 High Sierra or up)
  • If these system requirements don’t work, then you may be able to access some, but not all of Discord’s functionality.

Which is better Zoom or Discord?

With its prominence, Zoom is much better than Discord. But Zoom users have identified numerous aspects of improvement for the platform. Many users don’t find Zoom’s cluttered interface very user-friendly, with many individuals saying that leaving a conference is not as easy as it should be.

Another general issue is starting up the software itself. With its desktop version, users have to run into having to restart the software to launch. On its mobile version, users find it challenging to figure out where standard elements like toggling user views are in the interface.

Regarding how to zoom in on Discord and how to zoom out in Discord, Discord may have a challenging learning curve for many users, as the invite and username protocol has features unfamiliar to first-time individuals of the internet chat services.

A more considerable degree of technical know-how may get required for more comfortable use of it. Invites to servers are not easily searchable on the app out-of-the-box. They are instead found around the internet and from other users. As such, some servers and uses of the app may look closed-off to the casual user.


We hope that you got a new perspective while going through this article. Choosing between a professional and quirky program is difficult, but it’s best to form your judgment regarding Discord vs. Zoom. If you still keep encountering difficulty weighing both programs’ pros and cons, please make sure to reach to their help center services for a more thorough guide.

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