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Zoom for Chromebook – Your Ultimate Guide [2022]

Zoom, as we all know, is one of the top most used web conferencing applications. It is known to be recreational and the most functional of all. The pandemic has pushed towards the most extensive usage of these video calling apps, which provide access to meetings, webinars, calls, and messaging. Zoom for Chromebook can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and is also available from the Chrome operating system application drawer. 

Zoom provides us with end-to-end encryption and features of instant messaging in file sharing, which is helpful for communication between participants of the meet. Zoom download for Chromebook offers various features like screen sharing, instant messaging, and setting up meetings where people can have interactions and visual experiences.

Why go for Zoom Download for Chromebook?

Chromebooks are powered by Chrome OS. Zoom download for this software air is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and optimal at the same time. The process of installing the app on a Chromebook is straightforward.
It also provides an option of adding an extension. Chromebook settings came with an alternative called progressive web apps (PWA), which possesses every feature of modern web development and manifests the elements of a web platform with enhancing capabilities. Zoom is not only an office tool but also a social requirement at this age.
It is an application that works great on the web, which makes it near perfect for its usage on a Chromebook.

Can you Download Zoom on a Chromebook?

The topmost query asked on the internet is zoom not working on a Chromebook. This is because zoom offers the new PWA. The new progressive web application (PWA) can be easily installed from the Google Play Store by searching ‘zoom PWA’ or ‘ Zoom for Chrome PWA’ at the downloading center. By doing this, the application will appear on our Chrome operating system device. If the user has Chrome Enterprise or Chrome upgrade,  the application will have access to the native app, but it’s better to shift to the new zoom PWA for better usage and upgrade. This PWA gives the same experience as it gives on Windows or Mac. Zoom offers this new progressive web application for a revolving experience and additional features.

Procedure to go for Zoom Update for Chromebook

Zoom on a Chromebook is not a stale application and comes with diverse updates for faster and better usage of the application. The latest version of Zoom for Chromebook was version 5.0. There are various steps that can be followed to check if Zoom on your Chromebook is updated. Here are the steps.

  • Firstly, the launcher on the bottom left must be clicked, and ‘web store’ is to be searched.
  • Then check out the link your web store is linked to, and select that link.
  • If you have already downloaded zoom, you will be able to see the zoom web app.
  • Then ‘launch app’ must be clicked.
  • After launching the app, click on ‘settings.’ 
  • Under settings, select ‘about’ and check if zoom is updated to version 5.0. This is the latest update, and if it is not version 5.0, you will have to update it to that.

These are the steps that must be followed if you want your Zoom application to be updated on your Chromebook.

How to Download Zoom on Chromebook?

Downloading zoom on Chromebook is relatively easy. For this, We need to download the zoom progressive web app, which is installable either on Google Play Store or through Google Chrome. 

Method 1- through the play store:

For this method, Zoom must be installed through the Google Play Store. We just need to click the app link, and then a green install button will be accessed, which has to be clicked. This will provide us with the progressive web application version and not the android application since Chromebooks are optimized to such derivatives.

Method 2 – through google chrome:

For this method, we need to install the website as an icon.  So our duty is to visit pwa.zoom.us through the browser and install the web app. We need to click on the ‘install prompt’ button. After doing so, we need to click on ‘install’ so that the zoom web browser can turn into a zoom web application.

Method 3 – create a shortcut:

This method can also be used, and so to follow it, we need to click on the vertical dots on the top right corner and press on ‘more tools.’ After this, a dropbox can be seen, and we need to choose the ‘create shortcut’ option from that menu. We can see a new dialogue box appearing on the Chromebook screen. From that box, we need to select ‘open as window’ and click on the blue ‘create’ button. This is how a shortcut can be easily created on the Chromebook for your Zoom application.

By using these methods, zoom download on Chromebook is easy, fast, and simple.

How to Install Zoom on Chromebook?

Zoom can be easily installed on your Chromebook, just like any other app.

  • From the zoom entry, we need to click the ‘add to Chrome’ option.
  • Then we need to click ‘add extension’ when evoked.
  • Then we should be able to see the zoom icon on the toolbar.
  • By doing so, we can click the icon and then launch the app and start the usage as one would want. This adds a Chromebook extension to the browser.

The app can be launched from the Chrome toolbar or the Chrome OS desktop or by pinning it to the shelf. This can increase the efficiency of the app usage and locating the app on your Chromebook. 

How does Zoom work on Chromebook?

Zoom works flawlessly on a Chromebook. But there are a few things that have to be followed, so that zoom on your Chromebook does not act up or question compatibility. Updation to the latest version can give you the best performance and minimize constraints. Chromebooks are great for access, providing security and a straightforward approach to files. Thus, video conferencing on a Chromebook is very much compatible and accessible. 

As earlier mentioned, zoom is a service that is well versed on the web, so it definitely and most perfectly works on a Chromebook. The progressive web application,  unlike any other traditional application, is developed for better features, proper growth, and technological deviance. This makes zoom even more compatible with working on a Chromebook. The better features like live transcription and background masking on the PWA makes zoom an upgraded and functional web application.

Can Chromebooks run Zoom?

Zoom desktop client for Chromebook is a program that is constantly striving for a better experience for Chromebook users. The new PWA can give these zoom users better features, and dedicated software, and set up a unique calling platform. The process of installation and updating is simple. Chromebooks can run zoom as a progressive web application for a web interface. 

All you need is a Google account to log in to the Chrome web store, through which the access to the Zoom application is very effortless. The best possible application escapade is created on the Chrome operating system or the Chrome OS which offers improved performance and functional cloud-based services. Using appropriate security options and a developed configuration with centralized control,  Chromebooks can easily run zoom and its web application.

Common Zoom Issues with Chromebook being faced by users

There have been several problems that many Chromebook users are facing while they are on zoom cloud meetings. This troubleshooting can be because the user has not downloaded the web-based app. Issues like dropped video, lagging, no audio connection, time out, and getting an error are abundantly seen while using this zoom client. The beta test on this app also so might lead to a few glitches which can be quickly sorted out.

Firstly, the app has to be upgraded, and the new PWA must be downloaded so that these issues will not be faced. These issues can also be resolved by signing out of the meeting and signing back, and turning off the camera when not required. We must also verify that is zoom in our Chromebook is updated to version 5.0, the latest version, to avoid any snags. Few issues are faced by the users also due to their network connectivity,  so making sure a stable internet connection is a must. Unless and until the progressive web applications are installed on your Chromebook,  there can be potential problems and reductive progress.


Zoom for Chromebooks boasts the highest video resolution of any video conferencing technology. Anyone using a web browser can utilize Zoom. It was the simplest way to interact when teams, families, and other organizations were forced to collaborate remotely.

 Zoom on Chromebooks is to be proven even better. A Progressive Web App is a conventional website that provides a more smooth and faster experience than a typical website and uses less storage than a traditional desktop app. Furthermore, when the web client is updated, PWA users are automatically updated. As a result, they always have access to the most up-to-date features. Zoom for chrome books is an entirely clear revelation in the tech growth field.