zoom download for ubuntu linux

Zoom Download for Linux – How to Install Zoom on Ubuntu (Easy Steps)

Zoom download for ubuntu is a basic program that offers online meetings, webinars, and conferences. It is a web conferencing solution that is secure, reliable, and can suit any user’s needs for video conferencing. 

Real-time communications, cloud-based video conferences, and the sharing of digital files are all features of the communication and conferencing platform zoom. You may host webinars, schedule conference rooms for online meetings, and schedule meetings using the zoom program. Zoom offers a wealth of functions. Up to 300 UR and non-UR users can collaborate using chat, annotation, whiteboarding, and breakout rooms. Presenters might choose to share their entire desktop or just a few selected applications. The primary camera view will show the speaker who is now speaking. Delegation for co-hosts and schedulers, as well as options for scheduling in the client, plugin, and browser, is available.

On Linux, Zoom runs well and is compatible with many Linux distributions. Here, we can see the demonstration of the quickest method for installing the Zoom client on Ubuntu. Linux client users can use Zoom, a well-liked video conferencing program, on their computer. Zoom offers RPM packages for Fedora, Red Hat, and SUSE, as well as DEB packages for Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, and Linux Mint. 

Download Zoom for Linux – How it is used?

Zoom may be set up on a Linux client just as quickly as on Windows. Zoom may be installed on Linux in a variety of ways, just like any other program. Various instructions are to be followed to begin the installation process, depending on the distro you’re running. Both graphical and command-line installation options are available for the application on the majority of distros. 

Zoom client can be installed on various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu/Debian, Manjaro, OpenSUSE, and Fedora. The installation of the application for each distribution can be different. Under Fedora, fedora 35 is used. For openSUSE, the openSUSE leap is used. Manjaro, on the other hand, is based on Arch Linux. Zoom client on the command line is the single most handy piece of technology. Uninstallation can be done with one single command.

Depending on the Linux distribution selected, the instructions for the installation of the application must be continued.

How to Install Zoom on Ubuntu?

Zoom 64 bit client download for ubuntu is an easy process. It is simple and easy and just requires are few steps to be followed to install the application. LTS (long-term support) editions for Ubuntu include 20.04 and 18.04. Ubuntu 18.04 expires in 2023 after five years of its release. The same goes with ubuntu 20.04, which is the latest version of the software. It is better to install the version based on the RAM. The newest version is ubuntu 20.04, and installation of this version is straightforward. There are two methods to install the zoom application on ubuntu.

Method 1- using console/ terminal window:

  • Updation of APT must be done first.
  • Type the following commands into the terminal window that is open on your Ubuntu desktop.
  1. $ sudo apt update 
  2. $ sudo apt upgrade
  • After this, we need to install the zoom client, which we need to update with the following commands. 
  1. $ sudo snap install zoom-client
  • The ZOOM client software will be downloaded and installed using this method from the Ubuntu software repository.
  • After this, the zoom application is to be launched. For doing this, the following commands must be entered so that the app can be launched.
  1. $ zoom-client
  • The application will now be launched and is ready to be used for conferencing and calling.

Method 2- using ubuntu software center:

  • Zoom can be installed by using the graphical interface method.
  • Firstly, we must open the software center. Click on Activities under Desktop, then put “software” into the search field and click on it.
  • Zoom can be found by searching for it in the Ubuntu Software Center and clicking on it.
  • The zoom client application will install once you click the “Install” button.
  • After installation, click the “Launch” button to launch the Zoom client.

These two methods can help zoom download for Ubuntu very easily.

Does Zoom work on Linux?

Zoom on Linux functions brilliantly. Just the mere step of installing the zoom client must be considered, and you are gold. On Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux operating systems, Zoom is a cross-platform video communication tool. The Client is simple to install and use, and it works with Ubuntu, Fedora, and many other Linux distributions.

Zoom on Ubuntu also shares the same features as any other operating software. It provides all the features of the applications, such as virtual backgrounds, shortcuts, and integration with third parties as well. Communication between meeting attendees is made more accessible by Zoom’s end-to-end encryption and instant chat and file-sharing tools. There is a tool to enhance the appearance on the screen, just as in other social media applications. This functionality was primarily made available so that people could present themselves professionally at conferences. One function offered by Zoom is the availability of video transcripts, which is ideal for calculating any error.

The access to these features and the smooth functioning with the updates prove that zoom works perfectly on Ubuntu.

Is Zoom Open Source?

As popularly known, zoom is not an open-source as its source code cannot be viewed. There are various applications that are open-sourced video conferencing applications, but Zoom is one of its kind as it offers features like no other web connectivity app.

It provides high definition resolution that other applications fail to deliver. The level of brand connectivity and security that zoom offers can beat all the other applications to the top. The most dependable performance comes from Zoom. Zoom often has the lowest latency and most incredible frame rates we could obtain from a network connection. Even though it is a closed source, the range of services provided is immaculate.

There is no requirement for specific software. Costs of upkeep and administration are minimal and free. It is independent of both senses’ personal computing environment, etc. However, the procedure is simple. You can invite as many as 50 people. The climate for phoning is steady. It enables non-PC communication. 

All these features beat the cause of disadvantage the application gives by being a closed source, as zoom has been proven an excellent and top-listed application for conferences, meetings, webinars, and seminars.


Zoom download for ubuntu is an excellent program as it enables one to work on various software distributions. Real-time communications, cloud-based video conferences, and the exchange of digital content are all features of the communication and conferencing platform zoom. 

You may host webinars, schedule conference rooms for online meetings, and schedule meetings using the zoom program. You can schedule appointments and send invitations right from the Zoom app, thanks to its built-in scheduling features. Then, you may access, modify, and manage reserved arrangements using any client or app version. It is constructive for businesses if you can specify permissions to allow people to plan meetings on your behalf. In addition to scheduling meetings within the app, you may combine calendar applications with Zoom and schedule Zoom meetings.

You may schedule meetings quite efficiently and conveniently by adding them to your calendar. Despite the fact that there are other video conferencing services, Zoom has grown to be the favored choice for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Due to its unmatched usefulness, users adopted it above other services right away.

As the coronavirus pandemic keeps us all separated and indoors, Zoom has developed from a work tool to a place where friends arrange virtual happy hours and families stay in touch. Every business has a social duty to support the neighborhood and society, which is especially important during difficult times. Keeping this principle in mind, Zoom is doing all possible to offer tools and assistance to anyone struggling with the coronavirus outbreak.