Zoom On Firestick – How to cast Zoom Meeting to your TV (2022)

Zoom is one of the trendy and free video meeting apps available on the Android Playstore / Apple AppStore / Zoom official website. In this pandemic struck year, people missed out on colleges, schools, offices, etc., but Zoom video calls helped hugely as Offices and Schools now host online meetings and classes. It is supported on multiple platforms and readily available. It’s free for all but has premium plans too with new and useful features.

It can sometimes be challenging to host Zoom calls on Smartphones and laptops when there are many people in a meeting. Therefore, it’s advisable to stream/cast it on TV in different ways or use Zoom on firestick to see the screen more clearly. Now, let’s see how to do it.

ZOOM Meeting on Big Screen on firestick

ZOOM Meeting App features

  • We can host a meeting of 100 people and for 40 minutes on a basic plan which is free for everyone.
  • There are three other premium plans for business of different scales that allow people in a 1000 meeting to last up to 30 hours, with Cloud storage up to 3TB and HD social media streaming too.
  • All the video conferences and chats are protected using advanced End-to-End encryption. 
  • Zoom Meeting comes with a handy feature of recording the meeting for future re-viewing purposes.
  • People can now Raise hand and Chat with people in private during the meeting without disturbing the host.
  • By setting up the meetings in advance in Zoom Calendar. ZOOM will remind you about the appointments scheduled. This is very useful as you can always forget about the meetings.

Can you use ZOOM on Firestick?

YES, you can use ZOOM on firestick and we’ve discussed the ways to install the app on firestick, host your first meeting and end the session:

Installing the ZOOM App on Firestick

ZOOM app is now officially available on the Amazon App Store. It’s free to download and easily downloadable on any device that can access the Amazon Store. 

Step 1: Check that Firestick is connected to the TV and logged in to the Amazon Account. For non- interrupted Video Conferences, ensure that the firestick and TV are connected to a stable WIFI connection.

Step 2: From the remote, press the HOME button and type in the search bar using the On-screen keyboard.

Step 3: Search for the ZOOM Meeting App in the search bar.

Step 4: Click on the ZOOM Meeting App and select on ‘Get App’ icon.

Step 5: Downloading will start, and this will install the app. Click on the ‘Open’ button, and this way, people can use the ZOOM on Amazon Fire stick.


Step 1: Find the Developer Options in Settings of Amazon Firestick. 

Step 2: Enable the download of apps from Unknown Sources, else the APK file will not be allowed to install in the firestick.

Step 3: After enabling this option, search for the ZOOM Meetings App link on the web and make sure it’s a trusted website to avoid viruses and download it.

Step 4: After downloading it, install the ZOOM App, and it is now ready to use and host/join your next meeting and continue with your work/classes.


Step 1: Open the web browser on your PC and visit Amazon.in 

Step 2: Make sure you’re logged in with the same Amazon account on both PC and Firestick.

Step 3: Search for the ZOOM Meetings and click on the ‘Get Application.

Step 4: Now, the Amazon firestick will be displayed so you can install it on it.

Step 5: After a few minutes, the app will be installed and is ready to use.

So, this is how you easily cast ZOOM to firestick.

Setting up the ZOOM Meeting on Firestick

Step 1: Open the official site of the ZOOM on the web. SIGN UP if you’re a new user using your FB or Google account, or log in if you’ve already an account. 

Step 2: There will be different options to choose from, like NEW Meeting or JOIN meeting.

Step 3: If you opt to host a meeting, from the participants’ window, you can click on ‘Invite’ and can share the link to the forum via different methods. You can always password protect your meetings so that a selected number of people can attend the conference.

Step 4: If you opt to join the meeting, type in the Meeting ID, and if it’s passcode protected, you shall enter it and join the discussion. 

Step 5: During the meeting, people can use different options to interact with each other privately without disturbing the host and raise a hand if they want to ask the host something.

Step 6: You can record the meeting, but permission is needed from the host.

Step 7: If the host experiences any ill-behavior from the joined members, he can mute or kick them out of the meeting.
Step 8: You can always the Leave Meeting in between, or if you’re a host, you can End the Meeting. 

Ending the ZOOM meeting

After all the work is done, as a host, you can conclude the conference by clicking the ‘End the meeting’ button, or if you’re a participant, then you can always leave the conference by clicking the ‘Leave the meeting.’ 

So, this is how you can install the ZOOM app on firestick and host meetings without putting a strain on your eyes and seeing all the screen and participants more clearly.

Can you stream ZOOM on TV?

Yes, you can very easily stream ZOOM on your TV screen. It’s a very straightforward process and we’ve discussed the different ways to do so below:

ZOOM Meeting on TV via HDMI Cable

You can very quickly cast meetings on the TV via the traditional way of HDMI cable. You can attach a line from your computer/laptop to the television and change the viewing source settings to the HDMI port from your remote. Now, the zoom will mirror the meeting on the screen.

ZOOM Meeting from iOS/ Android

You can cast meetings on the TV screens or the screens through projectors wirelessly. Android/iOS always have a mirroring option in the settings. You can connect with devices by using this option and accepting the device’s request to be cast on. There is sometimes problem-related to mirroring the screens, but there’s always an option for third-party apps to launch the meetings using smartphones on TV/screens.

ZOOM Meeting from MAC on TV

Tragically, Apple’s Mac doesn’t give a choice to reflect your screen to the TV straightforwardly. In this way, you need to depend on applications like ‘AirPlay mirroring’ to project a meeting on TV. Some Smart TVs in the market from companies like Samsung or Sony that support direct AirPlay from Mac to TV can quickly screen the meetings on TV/wireless projector screens. 

WELL, ZOOM is a very efficient, popular, and open software for video conferencing with people from the office, or if you’re a teacher, you’d like to host a class for the students. The good thing is it comes with a free basic plan that supports 100 people in a call for 40 minutes and has come as a boon for many of us in this pandemic world.

Too many of these meetings on a small screen of smartphones or laptops can cause a strain the eyes. If you’re hosting a lot of people in calls, you’d like to keep an eye on the majority of people so, above mentioned ways are pretty straightforward and help you cast ZOOM on firestick or TV OR screens using smartphones/HDMI/Mac. I hope it helps!


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