Ringcentral vs. Zoom – Best for your Video Calls? (Comparison) 2022

As the pressure for remote working and flexibility has increased in recent months, video calling has gained an incredible degree of popularity. Also, there are many great alternatives to choose from, like between the two most leading platforms, Ringcentral vs. Zoom. The following insight could help you to make your decision smoothly.

RingCentral Video Features

RingCentral is one of the global leaders in the communication landscape. Offering practical and intuitive solutions on the cloud, RingCentral also keeps companies connected. With years of experience furnishing excellent communication tools, RingCentral can provide today’s teams everything they need to outshine in any environment.

RingCentral video is just one component of an enormous portfolio of fantastic tools for UCaaS, CCaaS, and much more. RingCentral also provides today’s organizations the peace of mind they need to operate from far away. High-level encryption and safety ensure that the data remains safe, irrespective of the locations of your teammates.

Ringcentral vs. zoom
Ringcentral vs. zoom

Features of RingCentral video include

  • Rapid and straightforward meeting set-up
  • Business voice features, SMS, and video calling
  • Chats for instant messaging
  • Access to several RingCentral UC and CC integrations
  • Virtual presence over eighty countries
  • PBX for more than forty countries
  • Creative analytics and reports
  • Outstanding security and privacy

To boost the experience of meeting colleagues in any environment, RingCentral therefore ideally collaborates with Google for more robust WebRTC support.

Zoom Features

Zoom is also one of the better-known platforms for video conferencing in the modern landscape. This easy-to-use platform assures that the employees can launch conversations in seconds. All you need to have is the meeting link with an internal or external team partner who can access the secure connection.

Video Conference features are at the heart of Zoom’s strategy, and it’s how the company accomplished fame. The platform makes video conferencing straightforward for any corporation. Video Calling features offered by the company also come with several characteristics like custom backgrounds and hand-raising facilities.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t just provide video calling features; it also comes with Zoom Chat for instant messaging and Zoom Phone for business calls.

Characteristics of the Zoom experience include

  • Zoom Phone for VoIP
  • Sharp and easy web-based conversations
  • Zoom Chat for rapid messaging
  • Local service in seventeen countries
  • Zoom Rooms conferences
  • Webinars and hand-raising support
  • Integrations with leading platforms
  • Updated privacy and safety
  • Had quality video and custom backgrounds

Therefore its an easy and agile solution for industries that are keen to launch into the video environment instantly. Whether you’re collaborating either externally or internally, Zoom is a fantastic choice.

RingCentral vs. Zoom: Experience

Although video conferences are gaining popularity rapidly during these modern days, there are still people in your team who will need help in adapting to this new communication style. That’s why it’s so crucial for today’s companies to choose straightforward and easy-to-use platforms. Both the companies, RingCentral vs. Zoom, make initiating and joining video meetings simple.

RingCentral provides video collaboration through a cloud-centralized UCaaS environment. Thanks to its collaboration with Google Chrome, you can even undertake your meetings within a browser at the click of a button. There are no requirements for downloads. On top of that, corporations can combine their RingCentral Office experience with hardware too.


Zoom is also one of the most accessible tools in the video landscape. One of the justifications as to why the platform is so popular is that it takes no time to arrange a video meeting. You can click a link to enter a conversation or set up a room in a matter of seconds. Also, there are many extra features to scrutinize, like custom backgrounds, webinars, and hand-raising additions.

While Zoom has had problems with things like safety and data privacy, the firm is also committed to rectifying its mistakes. The corporation now provides more robust security solutions to keep your conversations safe.

Zoom vs. RingCentral: Integrations

As corporations spend lots of time in the digital world, we’re all depending on technology more than ever. The average team member spends a lot of their time jumping between various apps. Therefore, it’s precious to have a video conferencing tool that can easily integrate with the services you already employ. RingCentral and Zoom are both terrific for this.

RingCentral consequently gives today’s teams the autonomy to integrate their video solutions with everything from rapid messaging to UC elements within the RingCentral portfolio. At the exact time, you also get the alternative to experiment with external integrations too. Links to stuff like Salesforce and Zendesk make it simpler to keep employees informed during meetings.

Zoom is another incredible tool for collaboration purposes. The service also enables Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other users to enter the platform with integrations and API access. If you have a creator on your team, you can build your custom CPaaS solution with Zoom.

Zoom also functions with a range of room kits and hardware aside from its own attached tools. All this makes creating meeting rooms within the office more accessible too.

User Experience

The two tables below outline both Zoom and RingCentral Glip pros and cons founded on the hands-on experience, user reviews, recent features and capabilities, and more.

Ringcentral vs. Zoom: Pros and Cons

Zoom vs. RingCentral: The Final Verdict

So, should you capitalize in RingCentral video or Zoom?

There’s no one-size-fits-all preference here. Therefore both the tools are impressive for businesses of all sizes from numerous backgrounds.

If you’re already satisfied with the RingCentral portfolio and the excellent trustworthiness this company provides, then you should choose RingCentral Video. You can also build your video conference solution into your communication environment; however, you want a flexible platform.

RingCentral is ideal for

  • Safety concerns
  • Powerful phone system features
  • Unlimited storage

Zoom is ideal for

  • Larger video conferences (provides larger video caps)
  • Easy communication platform

Zoom is also an incredible choice for anyone who wants to execute video calling into their collaboration experience without any additional complexity. External and internal employees can enter meetings at just one click of a button. The app is constantly upgrading with new features to enhance its user experience too.


We hope this article furnished you with enough info regarding Ringcentral vs. Zoom and has given you insight regarding which platform you should choose based on your accorded needs. Remember to do a precise weighing of the pros and cons to arrive at a beneficial judgment. The more you carefully consider your business’s requirements, the better you’ll be able to gain a profitable outcome. If you still have some unclear conclusions, then do remember to contact the authorized website directly to get a more detailed explanation for your problems.

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