Zoom vs Facetime – Best for your Video Calls? (Comparison) 2022

That’s where video calling comes in. Those selecting between Zoom vs Facetime have many factors to consider while knowing that these apps got made for very different objectives. Let’s dig into these differences and see which one best suits your needs.

Understanding Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has surprisingly become an essential work tool. With more firms adopting a work-from-home-based workforce and a remote work environment, the search for an effective video call service is more critical than ever.

Often the alternative comes down to two major platforms, and those are Zoom vs. FaceTime; their comparison is timely given the enhance in the relevance of teleconferencing. Both of them offer high-quality communication characteristics and have a user-friendly interface. So is Zoom like Facetime? Although they are by no means identical, while they share some similarities, each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Zoom vs Facetime

Tools of Communication

FaceTime and Zoom are influential communication technology tools formulated to be cost-effective and efficient options for those who want to stay connected to remote locations. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that uses group messaging with detailed web conferencing features. On the other hand, FaceTime is a fantastic tool that offers high-quality audio and video conference calls casually with exciting and fun applications that can bring conversations to life.

Will Facetime Fulfil Our Needs?

Those debating between employing Zoom vs. Facetime might not need too much exploration to conclude. These video conference services got made with very various types of users in mind. At the same time, Zoom is for experts who need a broad selection of features and tools to administer their online meetings. In contrast, Facetime is a casual video calling app primarily made for friendly conversations.

Facetime’s feature set is minimal compared to something like Zoom. Now, this doesn’t imply you can’t employ Facetime for professional purposes. If all you require is a simple app to video quick your co-workers promptly, then Facetime can get the job done.

Features and Omissions

Facetime can generate group video calls with up to thirty-two people. Once in a call, you can put in people using their contact’s name, cell number, or email. Each connection has to get added individually. You can’t generate a link or preset groups for effortlessly calling everyone simultaneously. The screen sharing feature is also non-existent within Facetime, so you might need any other Apple or third-party services to do this.


Facetime enables you to change video/audio settings, use teasing camera effects, and benefit from custom Animoji or Memoji. The other two features might not be suitable for professional calls, but they are available for fun.

And that’s about it for Facetime. As formerly stated, it got designed to be as easy as possible. Facetime will work tremendously as a no-frills video calling app. We assume it could be sufficient for casual discussions and shorter hit-and-go calls. Or it could be just one-on-one meetings in which things like annotations, screen sharing, recordings, and other fancy facilities are not necessary. Any specialist users should look elsewhere.

Facetime vs Zoom: Device compatibility

Facetime’s most significant limitation is that it only works with Apple devices. All this makes it easy to make a selection in the Zoom vs. Facetime dilemma. If any users are outside the Apple ecosystem, then Zoom is an apparent option.

Meanwhile, Zoom is in every vital platform. Supported operating systems comprise Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS. Zoom can also run from a web browser. And there is an abundance of plug-ins, extensions, and other auxiliary software which users can benefit from. It’s not worth denying that Zoom has the upper hand when one talks about device compatibility.

Zoom Features and Credibility

Zoom Meetings is an industry-dominating video call and conference service app with features and capabilities to appease the most demanding users. It is one of the most promising of its class, and very few rivals come near it.

A handful of Zoom’s most popular features comprise the ability to record video conferences, share the screen, have compiled chat per meeting, generate polls, mute participants, and do virtual hand raises to demand your turn to speak.

Difference Between Facetime and Zoom Features

Those are some significant features that Zoom Meetings offers, although there are tons of others as well. These comprise Virtual Background that enables you to set an image or video as your background image during a meeting. So this is an amazing option for those who don’t want anyone to invade their private space.

Then there’s also a ‘Touch Up My Appearance,’ which is virtually a filter that smooths out your skin, thus making you look more handsome or pretty for that critical meeting. Not only that, but it can also host up to hundred participants with its base plans. Those who pay a subscription can raise that number to one thousand. Getting yourself a paid subscription can give you rights to even more incredible features, so let’s talk about the pricing.


Facetime is free and possesses no premium plans. It is a part of the Apple platform, and anyone with a supported device can benefit from it. The trick here is that you require an Apple device to employ FaceTime. Many would assume Apple products to be expensive, and it also gets considered an unnecessary expense if you are already pleased with devices backed by other platforms.

Group Facetime vs Zoom Plans

Zoom has an available plan, but it has its impediments. This open plan lets you host up to hundred participants at one time and take part in unlimited one-on-one conferences. Though, each group meeting can only be forty minutes long at most.

If that does not fit your needs, you’ll have to sign up for one of the many paid plans on offer. Pricing is cheap, starting at just 14.99 dollars per month per host. You can check out all the pricing details and the features each one comprises to come to a reasonable conclusion.

Difference Between Facetime and Zoom Host Pricing

You have to keep in mind that the pricing is per host, not per participant. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee for every user joining a conference or webinar. The more hosts an organization has, the higher the monthly bill is. Also, keep in mind that any participant can host even without paying a fee; they’ll just be limited to all the free plan features.

It’s worth jotting down that each plan also proposes various add-ons. These comprise the ability to enhance the number of participants that can join a meeting, the alternative to add additional cloud recording storage, and more.

Facetime vs. Zoom in a Nutshell

Zoom Features

  • Video Webinar
  • Cloud and Local Recording
  • Group Collaboration
  • Integrated Scheduling
  • Zoom Meetings and Rooms
  • Premium Audio

Facetime Features

  • Easy and fast setup
  • Ring Anywhere, Any Time
  • Easy-to-Organize Contacts
  • Elegant Interface
  • High-Definition Video

Is Zoom Better than Facetime?

Facetime is a helpful app if you and your video call participants possess Apple devices. It requires no additional downloads or signing up for yet another platform, as the app appears pre-installed with your iOS, iPad, and Mac OS gadgets. It’s also simple and easy, with the decent video quality.

By keeping that in mind, we still find it extremely hard to recommend Facetime over Zoom. Even the accessible version of Zoom has much more functionality over Facetime like HD video/audio, screen sharing, multiple view options, and hundred participant support are all included in the Zoom free plan.

The only major downside with Zoom is the forty-minute limitation, but this can get fixed by paying for a paid subscription to unlock all features. Those who want to benefit from other Zoom features can get plans for as low as 14.99 dollars, which isn’t bad if you intend to use it for work purposes.


Video calls are now a regular fixture in most people’s lives, as we spend away most of our time at home trying to keep in touch with our family and colleagues. So, it’s refreshing to know that there are plenty of choices available for the apps that provide this service. So we hope we have freed you from the dilemma you found yourself in regarding Zoom vs Facetime. But you must remember that the foremost step in choosing both the platform is knowing your requirements, so you can form a clear judgment that befits your needs.

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