Zoom vs Google Hangouts – Best for your Video Calls? (Comparison) 2022

Plenty of you is possibly deliberating whether you should go for Zoom vs. Google Hangouts. Both are very prominent video calling apps, but they are considerably different and serve various users. Let’s distinguish them and help you extrapolate which best suits your necessities.

Google Hangouts vs. Zoom

Distinguishing Zoom vs. Google Hangouts comes down to your preferences and requirements for communication. They’re both video chat consumers that have been widely famous for a while, and both have been found to be accessible on several platforms.

While Zoom is under speculation for a series of privacy shortcomings, Google keeps adjusting and improving Hangouts and Meet, which is further competitive with Zoom.

And as we all consume more and more time distantly, these actions have become all the more crucial, and so we’ve studied both Zoom and Google Hangouts closely to discern how they vary. Surprisingly, they’ve got enormous disparities on a couple of crucial elements.

While each application is relatively easy to use, one is more restricted than the other in terms of the size of the factions it appeals to, and the additional doesn’t mind how much time you expend chatting away.

Zoom vs Google Hangouts - Best for your Video Calls

Zoom vs. Hangouts at a glance

ZoomGoogle Hangouts
Assisted devicesWindows 10, macOS, Linux (comprising Ubuntu), iOS, Android, and Blackberry.Web browsers (Safari,  Chrome, and Firefox on both PC and Mac), Linux, Android, iOS.
The absolute number of participantsAbout a hundred people, with up to forty-nine visibleon the screen at once.Around Twenty-five (Hundred in Google Meet), up to ten visible at once.
Unique featuresThe platform contains:Custom virtual backgrounds end-to-end encryptionHD video, and audio.Google app integration
Is there an available tier?YesYes
Is there an expended tier?Zoom Pro ($14.99 per month per host)Google Meet (previously Hangouts Meet) was paid but is currently accessible. Enterprise editions still exist, with many more perks.
Paid tier bonusesThe meeting period limit is twenty-four hours, 1GB of cloud recording, Skype for Business (Lync) support.

Maximum Participants

Counting on if you want to have large company-wide meetings (or you’re just extremely popular), the percentage of people a video-conferencing app enables you to have in a single session could be a make or break juncture for you.

Google Hangouts enables up to 150 people in a chat but restricts its video calls to only 25 people a single ring (with the ten most involved participants shown at the underside of the screen). This functions for those who have small group meetings or want to converse with a few friends.

On the one hand, Zoom enables users to have up to 100 partakers in a video call. The Gallery View component lets you see up to 49 of these partakers on one screen. If you need to have an even bigger meeting, you can include up to 500 people (so far as you get the Large Meeting to add on for $50 a month).


If you’re searching for a video conferencing application to use for friends and private use, you might want to expend as close to nothing as apparent.

If you like to use Google Hangouts solely to make and accept phone and video calls, you can do this for complimentary. But, if you prefer storage to keep tabs on your meetings and calls, pricing commences at $6 a month for at least 30 GB of storage.

Zoom has several packages that get priced hingeing on how many features get comprised. The free choice allows you endless meetings and up to 100 partakers. For a pro account (meant for lesser teams), you pay only $14.99 a month per host.


This one is a little tricky. Zoom’s safety is technically better because it employs end-to-end encryption. Whereas, Hangouts has in-transit encryption, which implies data gets barely insured while on its path to Google. Once in their servers, the search network has access to your communications.

But while Zoom’s defense is officially preferable, the company has been in the limelight for privacy suspicions lately, compelling them to freeze new components for 90 days. Despite improving encryption, privacy updates, adding the potential to disable personal meeting profiles, and fighting Zoom bombing, the company can’t catch a pause as over 500,000 embezzled accounts are being bought online.

It hasn’t been a decent time for Zoom, and the safety-conscious among you will possibly want to hold on to Hangouts, at least for some period.

Additional Features

Not every single individual uses video conferencing apps just for video calls. Occasionally, it’s nice knowing that you can do much more with your apps.

If you’re searching for something a little easier, Google Hangouts is your nicest bet. The software does have extra features, but most of them don’t need additional practice. These include Intelligent Muting, Group Conferencing, and Integration with various Google applications. For the head part, you can get into Google Hangouts and start employing it.

Zoom might look a little more tricky at first, but it delivers a great set of additional components if you want to have some pastime. They include an annotation feature to take notes with, an automatic transcript-creator, and a touch-up feature.

Screen Sharing Capabilities

Either you’re in a meeting with co-workers or talking to friends about that bizarre thing your cat did when no one was peeking, periodically, you need visual assistance. And if you’re already engaged in a video call, this is where screen-sharing facilities come in.

Google Hangouts enables you to share your screen with other people in the video call, but this gets restricted to one person at a time. Zoom, on the one hand, allows numerous people within meetings to share their screens at one time.

Emojis & GIFs

Alright, this might not be the most vital feature you’re looking for, but periodically you need a bit more fun in your chats. However, this feature is mainly for those chatting with pals, and you never realize when you’ll want to greet your boss with an adorable “thumbs up” emoji.

Google Hangouts lets you browse for and use a broad range of emojis (animated and unanimated) and GIFs. You can hurl them in discussions as your friends prefer.

While Zoom doesn’t let you try emojis, it does allow you to employ GIFs. Plus, it enables admins to turn this feature on and off. All this could come in handy during conferences that are presumed to be all-business. But even so, you can still employ Zoom’s whiteboard abilities to draw on several slides and screens, so there’s a path to get around it.

While Zoom doesn’t let you try emojis, it does allow you to employ GIFs. Plus, it enables admins to turn this feature on and off. All this could come in handy during conferences that are presumed to be all-business. But even so, you can still employ Zoom’s whiteboard abilities to draw on several slides and screens, so there’s a path to get around it.

Time Limit

If you’re searching for a video-conferencing app for job meetings, your chat time limit may not amount to something as much. But if your video app-related activities comprise staying on a call with your best colleagues at all times of the day, limits might become a deal-breaker.

Google Hangouts doesn’t have any limits on the duration of calls you can make to anyone.

Zoom, nonetheless, does have a limit for those who are employing its Free package. Even you can make an endless amount of calls, but each call can barely last up to 40 minutes. If you’re wielding a pro account or anything further expensive than that, the limit rises to 24 hours.

Is Zoom better than Google


Zoom is nicest for

  • Huge groups and webinars
  • Professional meetings that employ host controls and authorizations
  • Those who want a more substantial feature set
  • Non-paying users who prefer to record the meeting

Google Hangouts/Meet is best for

  • Plainness and ease of use
  • Cost (Meet is free for current G Suite consumers)
  • Google users who don’t need a separate app
  • Non-paying users (on Hangouts) who prefer unlimited meeting time

In a Nutshell

  • Google Hangouts Features 
  • Voice Calls
  • HD Group Conferencing for up to 15 participants
  • Auto Screen Focus
  • Instant Messaging
  • HD video calls
  • Google Application Integration
  • Supports Numerous Computing Devices
  • Intelligent Muting Solution
  • Hangout On Air Feature
  • Screen Sharing Options
  • Custom Administrative Control Options

Zoom Features

  • Video Webinar
  • Cloud and Local Recording
  • Zoom Meetings and Rooms
  • Group Collaboration
  • Integrated Scheduling
  • Premium Audio


We expect that we have given you a clear perspective regarding Hangouts vs. Zoom and which way to go about it. Aside, from understanding about an app’s features, sometimes it just takes using it and distinguishing it to others first-hand to discover which alternative is best for you. Either way, happy chatting!

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